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Zinedine Zidane’s Outdated Tactics

Zinedine Zidane's Outdated Tactics

Zinedine Zidane returned to Madrid on March 11, 2019 as a solution to overcome the bad situation at Real Madrid. Unfortunately, the return of bald-headed coach is not accompanied by achievements.


Zinedine Zidane returned to Madrid on March 11, 2019, as a solution to overcome the bad situation at Real Madrid. Unfortunately, the return of the bald coach is not accompanied by achievements.

The evolution applied by Zidane had an impact on the decline in Madrid’s appearance this season. Of the three matches that Real Madrid has traveled in the domestic competition (Spanish League), Eden Hazard recorded only one win. Two of them ended in a draw.

These results make Madrid perched in fifth with five points. They are four points behind the Spanish league leaders while Atletico Madrid. Several factors make Zizou his nickname appear less ferocious at the beginning of this season.


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One of them is about the controversial technical and tactical decisions that made Madrid seem sluggish at the start of the season. Zidane’s concentration is increasingly lost after the pressure from fans to make changes.

This makes Zidane feel uneasy sitting for long in the Madrid coaching chair. Even rumor has emerged that Jose Mourinho is ready to replace Zizou in Madrid. I do not know how long Zizou survives with the situation.


Here are the facts about the deterioration of Zinedine Zidane:


1. Losing Many Points

Since returning to Madrid in March, Zidane has scored six wins, four draws, and four defeats. This means Zidane has lost more points (20) than he won (18). The start of the season did not change his view of Madrid’s poor play. In the first three matches, Zidane was only able to pocket five points from the nine numbers at stake.

2. Doubt Squad

The departure of young players like Marcos Llorente, Reguilon and Ceballos caused some unease among the fans. Because Zidane seems to prefer to retain players who are old (old) rather than young.

3. Keylor Navas

This goalkeeper is one of the most idolized players and dressing rooms. However, Zidane seemed to close the door completely to Navas and tried to convince fans that Madrid had the best goalkeeper, Courtois.


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That is why Navas chose to move to Paris Saint Germain (PSG) rather than stay in Madrid. But unfortunately, Courtois has not shown his ability while under the crossbar. Noted, the Belgian goalkeeper has conceded as many as four goals.

4. Tactical Definition

Zinedine Zidane has played three matches with Madrid against Celta Vigo, Valladolid and Villarreal with different play patterns. The Frenchman is considered more concerned about the opponent’s game than his own team.

The first match against Celta Vigo, Zidane chose a 1-4-3-3 formation with Gareth Bale and Vinicius as the spearhead. On the second day, he maintained his disposition but gave ownership to James as the third midfielder and Isco started on the left.

Zidane’s last step was to use 1-4-4-2 against Villarreal, with Lucas and Bale on the wing and two attacking centers (Jovic and Benzema). So many variations that give doubt and consume Zidane’s failure.


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