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“Zak hates needles, so We could just bet for one of his cars or something” : Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo, Mclaren’s latest signing, got his own exciting ways to tackle the race track’s challenges. During the last season, he had a famous tattoo bet with his Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul, which he won by claiming two podiums.

Being a McLaren man now, his fans expect the same ‘bet affair’ with the new boss, Zak Brown. However, the bet seems very unlikely, as Brown is not comfortable with needles.

Hence, Ricciardo now suggests that they can instead bet for one of Zak’s cars in the same respect. “We could just bet for one of his cars or something!”–He said.

Zak hates needles: Daniel Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo and Zak Brown

Daniel Ricciardo and Zak Brown

Daniel quotes one of his early meetings with Zak in the same regards. “We were just only a couple of hours ago having some lunch with Zak and he mentioned something about him hating needles. So I can’t see the tattoo thing happening with Zak. But we’ll think of something else. I know he’s got a pretty good car collection so maybe we could just bet for one of his cars or something!”, he mentioned.

While that is happening, Ricciardo is yet to see his ex-boss finishing up with the dare to get inked. We must mention that Abiteboul is no longer associated with the Renault group, as the team got rebranded to Alpine F1.

You will definitely know when I get done with Cyril. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet. But it will, it will. And we certainly left on the terms that there was still some unfinished business, that business being the tattoo. I hope it does happen. Obviously sooner rather than later, but it definitely will.”, Ricciardo said.

How are things shaping up for Daniel Ricciardo at Mclaren?

Ricciardo parted ways with Renault( Now Alpine) to join hands with McLaren at the end of the 2020 season. The driver further tested his new car at Silverstone for the very first time on Tuesday.

Even though getting a hands-on experience with the New car stands of utmost importance, Ricciardo keeps team integration as a top priority. He further emphasizes maintaining the team spirit and takes this as the best method to bring the desired results in the future.

[It’s] fitting in, in terms of feeling like you’re part of the team, so being integrated, not only into the driving side but into all of it, into the engineering and the strategy,” Ricciardo said when asked about the most formidable challenge for a driver after switching teams.

I’ve already had so many meetings here at the MTC with not only my engineer but really with the whole racing department. So it’s kind of like feeling like you’re sitting in the room with a voice, I guess, and with enough knowledge that what you say will be taken on board.” He further added.

“That kind of integration into all areas of the race team, that’s probably got a lot more power than just being the driver and only the driver. That feeling you can sit in every room and have a presence, that’s probably most important, but it also kind of the most difficult thing to get going.”, Ricciardo continued.

Mclaren needs to deal with many challenges upfront given to their switch to Mercedes engines for the 2021 season. So, random fun tactics like a ‘Tattoo bet’ can certainly help ease the pressure around the dressing room.

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