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“We only get one body,” The Rock took cupping therapy to keep his body balanced

Dwayne Johnson 'The Rock' at CBS

The Rock showed a photo of his “Gnarly” back after he took the cupping therapy. Subsequently, the former WWF star has found a fresh approach to take care of his solid rock body.

The Black Adam star revealed he tried cupping therapy for the first time by posting a mirror selfie of his back. “First time cupper over here,” Rock wrote in the caption

The photo may look spooky at the first sight, which shows numerous red circles going down his spine. However, it is not as frightening as it seems.

“Looks more gnarly than it feels, but overall I enjoyed the therapy”, The Rock wrote. “Always looking for new techniques to keep this 250 million years old dinosaur body balanced and optimal with not only all my past injuries but my daily grinding family/work/training/repeat schedule,” he added. 

The Rock

credit: The Rock’s Instagram

The Rock and cupping therapy

Cupping is a primitive form of medicinal therapy, and Muslims used to apply it traditionally. It is also called Hijama cupping therapy, in which a trained therapist puts silicon or glass cups on the skin to suck out the toxic blood.

It is a recent trend, and many athletes have been taking it to get relief from pain and increase blood flow. Some athletes already took this therapy, such as Michael Phelps, Alex Naddour, Natalie Coughlin, and more.

A couple of days ago, Dwayne Johnson revealed he is in the process of recovering from multiple injuries and four knee surgeries. Hence, he took the cupping therapy as a part of his recovery today. “4 knee surgeries, Torn quadricep off my pelvis, Torn adductor off my pelvis, Triple hernia surgery, Ruptured Achilles tendon, [complete] shoulder reconstruction, 3 [lower] back disc herniations, [and] 2 [lower] back disc ruptures,” The Rock wrote on the Instagram. 

Credit: Rock’s Instagram profile

Rock always looks for new techniques to take care of his body. Further, he wrote, “Always looking for new techniques to keep this 250million year old dinosaur body balanced.”

The Instagram post from Rock may spread the positiveness of cupping therapy to fellow athletes.

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