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“Treated me like I was his own son” The Rock pays tribute to his childhood hero Andre the Giant

Dwayne Johnson Young Rock

The Rock once again promotes NBC’s comedy TV series ‘Young Rock.’ This time Dwayne Johnson memorizes his childhood days with André The Giant, a close friend of his pro-wrestler father, Rocky Johnson.

Rock posted a couple of photos of him with André and explained his relationship with The Giant. And he was a hero for Johnson. He wrote, “Andre was a one of kind special human being – I adored him and he was a hero.”

Tonight’s episode will portray Rock’s childhood life where he gets unexpected life advice from Andre The Giant. In the latest episode, 10-year-old Rock’s relationship with his father’s close friend will emerge. Andre treated Rock as his own son. “And for whatever reason he took a liking to me and always treated me like I was his own son,” Dwayne Johnson continued his Instagram post.

Matthew Willig is playing Andre’s character, and Johnson told him everything about his uncle Andre.

The Rock and Matthew Willig as Andre The Giant

YOUNG ROCK — “Working The Gimmick” — Pictured: (l-r)Adrian Groulx as Dwayne, Matthew Willig as Andre The Giant — (Photo by: Mark Taylor)

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 Matthew Willig talked with The Rock to get an insight

Willig had few one-on-one meetings with the Dwayne Johnson to get an insight into Andre’s life so that he can genuinely play the role. Whenever Willig met the WWE superstar, he just wanted to know Johnson’s relationship with Andre. “I specifically wanted to ask Dwayne about his real relationship with André,” Willig said.

Willig got his expected answer from Johnson and then portrayed Andre The Giant accordingly. Further, Willig got every detail about Andre, and he is happy after he completed ‘My Day With Andre’ Episode. “really happy the way it came out,” Willig said joyfully.

After the launch, ‘Young Rock’ has been getting positive feedback only. Besides, the rating is also on the rise. The Hollywood star has been promoting the show every Monday ever since the series launched.

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