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The Undertaker reveals the Inside Story of wearing his Iconic ‘Phantom Mask’

WWE legend The Undertaker watches from the sideline during the game between the Texas Longhorns and the LSU Tigers

In a recent episode of A&E, The Undertaker revisits some of his most iconic and famous items. Alongside his wife Michelle McCool and friend AJ Francis, Undertaker went ‘deep’ inside his storage unit.

Mark Calaway aka The Undertaker is to date one of the biggest and most influential WWE Superstars. With a career spanning over 30 years, he became a globally renowned star. Naturally, a career such as Mark’s will have items of great note.

Notably, one of the items the group spots in the storage is the Undertaker’s Phantom Mask. “There was only one of these made, this is it,” says Francis. Moreover, the mask itself is so old that even Mark’s wife, Michelle does not remember it.

Speaking about the ‘Phantom Mask’, Mark narrates the complete story behind it. Interestingly, the mask was made to protect his injured orbital bone and to shield him from further injury. However, the WWE used the situation as a story arc for the Undertaker.

In truth, Undertaker got a severe injury whilst fighting King Mable between 1994 and 1995. “It basically was me running into his fist,” says Mark. As a result, the impact blew out 90% of his orbital floor.

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The ‘Official’ Story Behind The Undertaker Mask

“It was one of those things that added intrigue to the character.” Officially, the Undertaker was dead after the fight with Mabel. Moreover, the Phantom Mask became the item that would bring him back to life. Eventually, ‘Taker would go on to fight Mabel one more time and defeat him.

The Undertaker (L) pushes Bam Neely into the corner during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia

The Undertaker (L) pushes Bam Neely into the corner during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008, in Sydney, Australia. (Credits: Getty Images)

Interestingly, Undertaker wore the mask only once. It featured specifically in the rematch with Mable. To date, it remains one of the most unique artifacts from Undertaker’s career. Like Michelle McCool says, everything the Undertaker touches becomes iconic and legendary.

Furthermore, the group was also able to recover the Undertaker’s legendary black hat and the most Original Purple Gear. All three of these items are important memorabilia that have preserved Undertaker’s legacy for decades. Now, all these items will be placed in the WWE Archives.

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