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“The scar I got on my arm,” Sabu shares his tormenting WWE in ring experience with Terry Funk


The former ECW superstar Sabu, the Elephant Boy, recalls his wrestling days and his infamous scars. He wrestled some of the most death-defying and horrific fights in his pro-wrestling career.

In an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Sabu memorizes his good old days. The superstar started his career in the 1980s. Later he made a few appearances for United States Wrestling Association in 1991. Further, Sabu made three appearances at the World Wrestling Federation in 1993. However, he became consistent at ECW in 1995 and stayed with them until 2000. After that, Sabu played for WWE, TNA, the Independent circuit, and so on. However, the 56-year-old still fights for the Independent circuit.

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Sabu recalls his horrific experience

He shared his experience on some of his horrific fights with the interviewer Chris Van Vliet. Among all his dangerous fights, he ranked the fight with Terry Funk at the top. While talking with Chris, Sabu recalled his Japan tour, 

“Well I didn’t sign up for it. I was on a tour of Japan and it just so happened that I had a barbed wire match. I didn’t know about it till the last minute. So I didn’t think much about it and I took it in stride. It was just another day and I’ll try hard like I do any other time and hopefully they like it. The thing was, I tried so hard that I was good at it and they thought I liked doing it. But, I didn’t like doing it.”

In the fight against Terry Funk, Sabu goes flying into the corner to hit Funk, but he hit the barbed wire and ends up with rips open his bicep. That was horrifying for him, and his arm became bloodied. He still has a scar on his arm. “The second one would be the scar I got on my arm when I wrestled Terry Funk,” Sabu said about the fight against Funk.  

It was the first Barbed Wire match by Sabu. Nevertheless, fans appreciated the game so much, and they demand Sabu another barbed wire match. The former Heavyweight Champion recalled, he played 16 barbed wire matches in that Japan tour.


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