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The Great Khali discusses the website launch of his dream project CWE in an Instagram post

The Great Khali talks about the website launch of his dream venture CWE in an Instagram post

The Great Khali, aka Dalip Singh Rana, can indeed be considered one of the most iconic superstars in WWE history. After getting retired from WWE in 2014, the wrestler is now working towards nurturing all the aspiring wrestlers in India.

On Thursday morning, the seven-foot-one-inch tall wrestler took to Instagram to share the news regarding the website launch of his venture named Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE). Besides, he thanked all his global fans who stood by him all these years.

“Hello guys, wassup! I want to thank all my fans from around the world for their undying support throughout my career. Besides, I want to announce the website launch of Continental Wrestling Entertainment ( CWE). The website will be operational within few days. Keep showering your love and support as always,” The Great Khali posted on Instagram.


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The ace wrestler is also running an academy under the same name at Kangniwal village, Jalandhar, since 2015. As of now, the academy has enrolled more than 400 trainees from various parts of the country.

How CWE and The Great Khali are transforming pro-wrestling dreams into reality?

For the past 6 years, both CWE and The Great Khali are making every effort possible to nurture India’s young wrestling talent. He further brought Ricardo Rodriguez, a ring announcer for famous WWE star Alberto del Rio, as a trainer to this pro-wrestling training facility.

The academy comes as a perfect platform for all the aspiring wrestlers in India who aspires to make it into the world of WWE and TNA. In 2016, the academy launched its bi-weekly event that witnessed the participation of some notable Indian wrestlers.

Khali further intends to set up a network of academies in adjoining states of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. He is also taking part in various promotional wrestling tournaments to keep him going with his love for the sport.

The former WWE champion denies the speculations about his potential return to WWE anytime soon. He focuses on motivating the young Indian wrestlers for a probable future in brands like WWE and TNA.

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