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Sami Zayn Blames the Ref For his Heartbreaking Loss to Big E

big e vs sami zayn

On 12 March’s SmackDown, Sami Zayn lost an unannounced match against Big E. The Intercontinental Champion threw an instant challenge to the rival Apollo Crews, but Zayn accepted the challenge instead of Crews.

Sami Zayn vs Big E at SmackDown

During the SmackDown event last night, Big E returned to the WWE after being treated with an injury. The Intercontinental Champion Entered the ring and told Apollo Crews that “He would give Crews one more title shot but only to give him what he deserved.” E offered him an immediate fight to get the championship title. However, Apollo did now show up for the challenge, but King Corbin answered and came to the stage. Corbin took a while to get into the ring, and Sami Zayn arrived at the scene. Zayn accepted the challenge and got into the ring ahead of The King.

However, The Underdog from the Underground had planned early and went after the Big E’s ribs. Big E got slowed down for a moment. Once E started moving, he threw Zayn with ease. Further, the former cham tried to escape from the 35-year-old, but it did not work. E caught him and lodged him back in the ring.

Sami Zayn

Credit: WWE

As soon as Zayn got back to the ring, he managed to regain control and hit a sunset flip powerbomb. Nevertheless, E kicked him out, and the 36-year-old lost control but started slapping the champion repeatedly. E fought back and hit an emphatic Big Ending.

Afterward, Crews entered the ring suddenly and attacked E from behind. According to the WWE’s report, “He hit an impressive pair of Olympic slams then took out the champion with steel steps to the face.”

However, Sami Zayn did not accept the loss and blamed the referee. Sami provided a video to WWE, where he appeared frustrated and said, “You saw that right? Slow count, right? I hadn’t beat, that sunset bomb of the second row of the top rope! Who was the ref on that? Right? You saw it right? What the hell was that? That’s the same referee that wrestle LumberJack match! How am I supposed to overcome the edge when referee is against me, everyone against me? We are gonna get to bottom of this. It’s not over.”

Since Zayn complained about the referee, a new fight announcement might come.


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