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“I’ve missed you ol’ friend” The Rock feels delighted to have his Sunday cheat meal

The Rock

It is Sunday again, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back with his cheat meal routine. The Hollywood actor’s cheat meal this week was loaded with carb. Apparently, he went back to his old food habit.

The Rock does not mess around when it comes Sunday. Essentially, he does not count calories for the day. Although Johnson religiously adheres to a strict diet, he forgets everything on his cheat day. 

The Rock usually intakes 4,000 calories each day. Since there is no bar on that number on a Sunday, Dwayne Johnson literally consumes 5,000 to 6,000 calories, which is insane. 

To maintain a huge rock-like physique for the Fast and Furious star, that many calories are expected. Muscle and Fitness reported that he consumes seven meals each day, which commonly includes cod, eggs, steak, potatoes, chicken, rice, and vegetables. A glance at The Rock’s Instagram handle will surely make anyone hungry. 

The rock at gym

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA – APRIL 14: (EUROPE AND AUSTRALASIA OUT) Dwayne Johnson, aka ‘The Rock’, is seen after a work-out at World Gym, Ashmore on April 14, 2014 on the Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Richard Gosling/Newspix/Getty Images)

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The Rock shares his cheat meal

This Sunday is not a regular Sunday for The Rock. For the past few Sundays, he has been eating fast foods such as burgers and fries with a beer. However, this Sunday, he went back to his old food habit, which he used to take frequently last year. 

He indulged in a Pasta Bolognese cooked with Vodka & fresh mozzarella cheese, and two New York bagels. This used to be Rock’s favorite cheat meal, which he regularly cooked every Sunday.


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Apparently, he went to the kitchen this week, though Johnson mentioned nothing about cooking. The Rock posted a photo and wrote, “I’ve missed you ol’ friend, it’s been too long. Welcome back to the rotation.”



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