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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Trains Hard to Get His Body Shaped, Ahead of His Upcoming Movie Black Adam

The Rock shares his leg workout routine on an Instagram post while preparing for his upcoming Superhero movie Black Adam

The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Go Big or Go home’ attitude toward his workout regime makes him a class apart. On Sunday, the former WWE superstar turned Hollywood actor shared a picture of his leg workout routine on Instagram. The exercise regimen came as a part of his efforts of getting jacked up for the upcoming Black Adam movie.


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The Rock is playing Black Adam in a film adaptation directed by Jaume Collet Serra. As the shooting finally kickstarts after a big delay due to pandemic, the People’s champ is leaving no stone unturned on his preparations.

The 48-year-old already boasts a ‘larger than life’ physique. Still, given his commitment and determination to every character he plays, the former WWE superstar is working hard to fit into the Black Adam character.

The Rock wants to raise the bar in terms of Superhero movies

Recently, in another Instagram post, the actor shared his workout and diet routine that helps him prepare for the Black Adam role. As indicated by the Rock, he wants to raise the bar in terms of Superhero movies.

The Brahma Bull added that he prefers to begin his day with a fasted cardio session. Besides, his workout plan calls for two sessions per day: fasted cardio in the morning, followed by intense weights routine later in the day.

The Rock wants to raise the bar for the Superhero movies

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Every Superset brings along two exercises back-to-back with no rest in between. Discussing Tri-sets and Giants sets, those will combine three and four exercises respectively in the same sequence.

For his chest and triceps workout, The Rock again brings upon giant sets. While doing that, he merges four exercises namely Fly movement, Chest press, Incline press and body dips into one enormous chest workout routine.

According to the Rock, combining two or three exercises together reduces down the rest periods. As this goes hard on the body’s cardiovascular system, you get a perfect pump in your muscles.

Additionally, his character in the Black Adam movie demands a beefed-up look. That said, his efforts of putting all his blood and sweat towards his preparations for the role certainly deserve a big thumbs up.

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