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Drew McIntyre’s book ‘A Chosen Density’ is “full of nuggets and legendary career”, Opines Gary Cassidy

Drew McIntyre's book 'A Chosen Density' is "full of nuggets and legendary career", Opines Gary Cassidy

Drew Mcintyre has arrested the attention of readers with his book ‘A Chosen Destiny’. The book talks about the reason behind the wrestler’s dream of becoming a WWE superstar.

Gary Cassidy, the lead writer for the wrestling-based online website, Inside The Ropes, has lauded Drew Mcintyre, for his book. Mcintyre’s book exhibits his journey in the WWE domain over the past  fourteen years.

Inside the Ropes highlighted the book through their Twitter post which said, “@DMcIntyreWWE’s ‘A Chosen Destiny’ is “full of nuggets of nostalgia and inside peeks at a legendary career.”

Following the book’s release, the highs and lows of the grappler’s career have been presented to the fans.

Drew Mcintyre in particular highlights Vince Mcmahon as a key figure through his book and mentions that the ‘Man’ gave him his nickname of ‘The Chosen One’.

Furthermore, Mcintyre talks about how he became flabbergasted when he received his nickname from the WWE boss.

‘A Chosen Destiny’ can be envisioned as a movie rather than a book. The book has portrayed the life of Mcintyre in a cinematic fashion similar to his documentary, ‘Drew Mcintyre-The Chosen One’. This, the facts mentioned in the tale would have a greater effect if shown through a lens than Mcintyre’s eyes.

The book is nothing less than a blast to the past for the Scotsman. Coincidentally the Scottish Warrior became a legend in the eyes of the fans despite being a active part of WWE. Only a few wrestlers have received such an honor with Kurt Angle, Undertaker, and Ric Flair to name a few.

Drew McIntyre enters the ring (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

Drew McIntyre enters the ring (Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images)

All things said and done, Drew Mcintyre believes himself to be a WWE fan before he sees himself as a Superstar.

He would rather have eaten popcorn and watch Wrestlemania than take part in a headline match against Brock Lesnar and slay the metaphoric beast.

Mcintyre’s mom has received a tribute for motivating him constantly. She became a pillar of support for him, especially during his first Wrestlemania (26) event when he took on Undertaker.

Therefore, as Cassidy mentioned, ‘A Chosen Destiny’ has a lot of nostalgia while celebrating the life of a living legend.

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