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Apollo Crews Challenges Big E to a “Nigerian Drum Fight at WrestleMania 37” for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Apollo Crews on WWE SmackDown show

Apollo Crews will fight Big E in an Intercontinental title match at WrestleMania 37. But Crews offered a Nigerian Drum Fight instead of a regular WWE fight. Furthermore, Big E seemed to have accepted it as he did not deny to fight yet.

On Friday night’s SmackDown, Crews cut a backstage promo, and he threw a challenge to Big E to convert their Intercontinental fight to a traditional drum fight.

Referring to Big E’s Fastlane appearance, Crews viciously wants to have a drum fight in their upcoming bout at WrestleMania 37. In the backstage promo, Uhaa Nation seemed furious about Big E. “None of my royal Nigerian ancestors have ever been more disrespected than I was by Big E at Fastlane. And if you think I will stand for that level of deceit, you’re a bigger idiot than I thought”, Crews said in the video.

Furthermore, Crews suggests that he will not fight any regular combat. Instead, he wants to battle like his ancestor. “Nah, this time we do it the right way for the Intercontinental championship in a Nigerian Drum Fight! An ancient duel created by my ancestors for those that are wronged to get a chance to make it right,” Apollo Crews suggested.

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How will Apollo Crews conduct the Nigerian Drum Fight?

WrestleMania might make history by hosting the Nigerian Drum fight as it is not familiar to anyone. There is no specific rule to battle that traditional fight. As Crews explained, “No rules, no limitations – just a beating so loud it sounds like a drum,”

apollo crews vs big e fastlane 2021

Apollo Crews vs Big E fastlane 2021 Credit: WWE

Judging by Crews’ description of the fight fits WWE’s No Holds Barred or No Disqualification match. Although there is currently no information except Crews’ speech, fans will need to wait until April 11 for this exciting and entertaining match.

Previously Big E beat Apollo Crews to retain the Intercontinental Title at WWE Fastlane 2021 on March 21. That fight ignited the rivalry between them and resulted in a rematch at WrestleMania 37, which will take place on April 11. Will it be Crews style or Wrestlemania style, we’ll have to wait and watch out for that.



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