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Alexa Bliss throws an open challenge to Randy Orton for a one-on-one battle at WWE Fastlane

Alexa Bliss calls out Randy Orton for a face to face battle at WWE Fastlane

In a dramatic turn of events, WWE Women superstar Alexa Bliss has called out Randy Orton for a one-on-one fight on Sunday at WWE Fastlane.

The development took place in a backstage fragment during “Alexa’s Playground” on WWE RAW. Besides challenging the Viper, the Little Miss Bliss came up with these evocative words:

But now it’s time for my favorite game, the game of truth. You’re inflicting pain! Randy, if you wanted me out of your life so badly, you’re gonna have to take me out of it. This Sunday, at Fastlane… that’s your chance. So Randy. Are you gonna take it?

The Legend Killer accepts the challenge from Alexa Bliss on WWE RAW

Randy Orton accepts Alexa Bliss's challenge

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As bliss challenged Randy Orton, the latter came up and ready for it. The legend killer further stated that he would kick Alexa bliss out of his life with his signature punt maneuver at Fastlane.

We must mention here that Bliss has created all the mess in Orton’s life ever since he set “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt on fire at WWE TLC last year.

She has made Orton lose several matches and further provoked him to throw up black goo on various instances. His acts had reminded everyone of another WWE Hall of Famer Papa Shango.

Orton seems adamant to put all those gimmicks by Alexa bliss at peace during Sunday’s match at Fastlane. The ‘Wicked witch of WWE,’ on the other side, would love to persist with her creepy acts against the Viper. No matter how this rivalry unfolds, WWE fans are surely up for a treat during WWE Fastlane on Sunday.

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