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”Woo, that was fast.It’s been a while,” : Daniel Ricciardo on his first day with Mclaren’s MCL35M !

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo got his first hands-on experience with the newly launched MCL35M on Tuesday as the McLaren F1 team carried out a shakedown run at Silverstone, a day after its official launch.

The team further ensured to make this whole event historic by sharing a small video on social media. Daniel Ricciardo, who is driving a McLaren for the first time, further came through with a piece of his commentary during the event.

“I wanted to be World Champion and I still do”: Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo at Mclaren

Daniel Ricciardo at Mclaren

Powered by the Mercedes engine, McLaren confronts a list of challenges with a new pair of drivers for the upcoming season.

Lando Norris is up and ready for his third straight season with McLaren. Moreover, the team now got the support of seven-time champion Daniel Ricciardo.

With both the drivers having a taste of the new car at Silverstone, McLaren further shared glimpses of the event with their fans on their social media handle.

Ricciardo sees through a slippery Silverstone beneath the grey skies while staying in constant touch with the team engineers.

Woo, that was fast. It’s been a while,” said Ricciardo as he looks to finish up with the testing.

Ricciardo wants to win the World championship with Mclaren. He further believes that this new Mercedes engine is quite capable to make him reach his ultimate goal.

I think this is my best chance to achieve what I’ve said all along is the goal,” said Ricciardo during an interview with one of the recognized Sports dailies.

Never want to get to F1 just to get to F1. I wanted to be World Champion and I still do. McLaren, with the way they are progressing, feels like the best chance for me to be able to do that. And maybe the best chance I’ve had”, Ricciardo further added.

You never know in this sport but I’m confident I’m in the right place. Can I sit here and say I can fight for a World Championship next year? Who knows, but I feel confident I’m in the right place to give myself a good shot at it”.

“You can see McLaren’s pathway to getting better. I feel McLaren is ready for me to be one of the elements they haven’t had to help them win.” He continued.

Mclaren has to make the most of the pre-season testing session

Both the drivers have more than a month to get everything in place before the Bahrain Grand Prix. Besides, McLaren also got three days of pre-season testing scheduled at the Bahrain International Circuit from March 12 to 14.

So, both Ricciardo and Norris must look forward to tightening their grip with the MCL35M in the best manner possible.

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