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Will Alex Smith’s return from horrific injury impact the Washington Football Team vs. Detroit Lions game?

Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith

Washington Football Team’s quarterback Alex Smith is going to set an example today on his first start after two years. NFL fans from across the USA are waiting to see Smith’s inspirational return from the career-threatening injury.

What had happened to Alex Smith?

If you already forgot, let me remind you, On November 18, 2018, he had an injury on his right leg that makes a spiral and a compound fracture. He had been sacked by Texans’ Kareem Jackson and J.J. Watt, that sent him to the hospital. 

After that, Smith had to go through 17 surgeries, which almost threatened to detach his legs because of some complications and infections. However, the three-time Pro Bowler fought for his career, for his life and finally made it to 2020 NFL. 

Though Smith has already appeared in the Week 5 game against LA Rams and ended the game with 17 passes for 37 yards. This week he is in the starting lineup, which will be remembered in history for coming back after such an ugly injury.

Can Alex Smith add value to the Washington Football Team vs. Detroit Lions game?

Alex Smith is coming back to the starting lineup after exactly 728 days. In his first matchup this season, he could go 9-of-17 for 37 yards while suffered six sacks. However, on the second game last week, he did better, which was 24-of-32 for 325 yards; besides, two critical picks and three interceptions were crucial.

So, Smith has a great chance to show his pro performance again after two years in the quarterback position. Kansas City Cheifs’ Patrick Mahomes sent his wishes for Alex.

Smith finally gets the opportunity to start again for Washington, which would be an emotional moment for him as well as for his family, who has been supporting Smith. 

Smith has been improving his performance, which makes me assume that he can make a difference in the next match against Lions, while Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford may spoil the party for Alex Smith.


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