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Who’s the Daddy : Lacey Evans’s Husband Finally Spilled Beans on Mystery Around Wife’s Pregnancy !

Lacey Evans

During last night’s RAW, WWE fans got to know about Lacey Evans’s pregnancy. While Fans assumed Ric Flair as the ‘supposed father’ of the baby initially, it later turned out to be Lacey’s husband–Alfonso.

Alfonso broke his silence while posting a heartfelt message on Instagram today. The post talked about the bond shared by the couple, and Alfonso further conveyed her gratitude to his wife in the same respect.

Here are the excerpts from Alfonso’s post for Lacey Evans:

“Just want to say when we met 16 years ago I knew I wanted you for the rest of my life. God knew I needed you as you needed me. Then you took my last name, gave birth to my child, and have stayed committed and dedicated to our marriage as well as our family life. You are my soul mate and today on my birthday yet again after all you do you still showed me how much you love me. I am forever grateful and thankful for you. Now here is to another year of an amazing life. I love you and cross my heart and promise you to give all I’ve got to give to make all our dreams come true. Love your man Fonzy @laceyevanswwe”

What made fans assume Ric Flair to be the father of Lacey Evans’s child

Lacey Evans and Ric flair

Lacey Evans and Ric flair

Lacey Evans left everyone surprised when she announced her pregnancy on WWE Monday Night Raw. Moreover, Charlotte Flair (Daughter of Ric flair) will make a comeback on Monday Night Raw this year. Hence, Lacey Evans was directly in confrontation with Charlotte due to her closeness with Ric Flair.

This saga further led to some erotic episodes between Ric and Evans, pushing the former to betray his own daughter. Still, the fans never knew about the ‘Endgame’ out of this whole storyline. So when Evans came out with her pregnancy news, Ric flair is considered being the probable father of the child.

Also, Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce were planned for a tag team match against Charlotte Flair and Asuka on Monday night Raw. She immediately refused the match and later made announcements regard8ing her pregnancy.

This whole drama triggered most WWE fans to reach out to Twitter and share their viewpoints about the entire storyline. Evans didn’t disclose the child’s father’s name during the announcement. Conversely, the story’s backdrop made everyone put their assumptions on Ric Flair.

Lacey Evans to miss the in-ring action for the next few months?

Lacey Evans is likely to miss the next few months of the in-ring action given her current pregnancy. Nevertheless,  due to the immense popularity amongst WWE fans, WWE may use her in a non-wrestling role in the upcoming months.


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