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When will Football fans return to the stands? A look into the #LetFansIn campaign

It is obvious that football fans have grown frustrated with their continuous absence from the stands since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Watching the beautiful game live in the stadium has a special treat that the television can’t provide. As a matter of fact, the experiences can be compared. It’s like placing ice cream and carrot beside each other and asking a 7-year-old kid to make a choice.

For the fans who have had the privilege to watch their favourite teams and players in action in their respective stadiums, it would always be the ultimate choice.

One thing that we can notice as the year approaches its end is that the fans are desperate to return to the arena to cheer their teams up and give them that extra motivation. That has led to several motions and movements and one which stood out in recent days is the #LetFansIn campaign.

Notable fan Ashley Greenwood set up the #LetFansIn petition in the United Kingdom that got over 200,000 signatures and is now being debated in Westminster. The UK government will decide whether the fans will be allowed to return to the stands at the end of the lockdown next month or not.

An official statement of the #LetFansIn campaign as per TalkSport read:

“Football is a powerful tool which allows a range of benefits such as employment, and other important aspects of life. Football can be associated with passion, emotion, excitement and dedication across the community.

“With fans attending football games a range of economic benefits is there too.

“I ask for the support of this petition as I fear that smaller clubs, in particular, will go out of business leading to a devastating effect on people.

“This petition is to ask the government to reconsider their judgement on not letting football fans back into the stadiums and reconsider doing this with the right safety measures in place surrounding the Covid-19.”

The campaign has earned the support of many notable personalities in the past few days. Former chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee, MP Damian Collins recently lent his voice towards its cause.

“I totally get the frustration people feel, it’s the inconsistency,” he told TalkSport.

“Why is it that the Albert Hall is selling tickets for up to 3,000 to see a concert but you can’t get 3,000 people in Wembley Stadium?

Stadiums are still empty in England as fans face a long wait to return
“It seems to be one rule for one sector and something different for football, and we need to get this sorted out.

“I would like to know what the explanation is. I know the concern with grounds is the concourses, getting people in and out and toilet facilities, things like that, because spacing fans out within the ground would not be too difficult.

“But there’s not a lot of space in and around the Royal Albert Hall either, so I’d be interested to know how you can manage 3,000 people going in there, but you can’t manage a similar number in a big football stadium.

“Obviously the Government’s motivation is public health; we know the virus is increasing, it’s spread again and we’ve got to keep control of those numbers. The motivation is wanting to keep people safe.

“But it’s really important we get fans back into grounds, both for the wellbeing of fans themselves who have missed it so much, but also the clubs. The current situation is unsustainable.”


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