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“We need to think a little big bigger” Nadal oppposed Djokovic’s idea of isolating players from Covid-19

djokovic and nadal

Rafael Nadal says the Tennis season must continue and asked to “find solutions” to the issues surrounding isolation in the quarantine period.

Novak Djokovic claimed a majority of tennis players did not want to carry on with the season if it means going through multiple periods of quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Djokovic said on Tuesday that most players would rather cancel the season than have to endure quarantine at most events. However, Nadal said players needed to keep things in perspective.

If we stop our sport, a lot of people are going to suffer”, said Nadal

He further added, “We need to think a little bit bigger and, of course, protect players.”

Rafael Nadal says tennis players “need to think a little bigger” when it comes to their attitudes about hotel quarantine.

djokovic and nadal

Djokovic and Nadal are players to have experienced physical problems following the 14-day period of isolation before the Australian Open.

Nadal covers for everyone

Not only players, a lot of people are living from our sport.

“And if we stop our sport again, a lot of people are going to suffer”, said Nadal.

Statements of Nadal purely reflects his concern for the people associated with the sport. Further, not only for them, but he also cares about players coming from different countries.

Furthermore, he said, “Probably we need to find a way to protect the players with the rankings, to not force them to keep playing, because the situation is very tough for a lot of players, depending on the countries.”

Rafael Nadal

Rafael’s suggestion for the Players

Rafael Nadal also suggested that one way to keep players healthy is to freeze the ranking system. This will stop players from being forced to play too many events just for the sake of ranking points.

The ranking system had been frozen last year at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, even before the US Open. Subsequently, that allowed many players – Nadal included – to skip the American hard court season and avoid the stress of traveling to a country overflowing with coronavirus cases.

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