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Warriors’ Star Draymond Green Furious With NBA and Cleveland Cavaliers For Unfair Treatment of NBA Players

Warriors' Draymond Green

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has always been a vocal player since his early days in the league. The three-time NBA champion once again came forward to talk about the treatment of fellow NBA stars.

In the post-game interview after a comfortable victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Green addressed Andre Drummond’s treatment as he stated:

“To watch Andre Drummond before the game sit on the sidelines and then go to the back and then come out in street clothes because the team is going to trade him is bulls**t.”

Draymond Green calls out the league for their unfair treatment

Warriors' Draymond Green

Green started by talking about the situation with Drummond. However, he was not done by any means. He vented out his frustration about the James Harden trade saga as well.

“Because when James Harden asked for a trade and essentially dogged it, I don’t think there’s no surprise, no one is going to fight that James was dogging it his last days in Houston, but he was castrated for wanting to go to a different team and everybody destroyed that man.”

He further continued by taking examples of Harrison Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins’ unfair trades. He said:

“We’ve seen situations of Harrison Barnes getting pulled off the bench and DeMarcus Cousins finding out that he is traded in an interview after the All-Star game and we continue to let this happen.”

He ended the interview by mentioning other notable players such as Lakers’ Anthony Davis and Nets’ Kyrie Irving.

“Anthony Davis got fined a $100,000 for demanding a trade publicly. But you can say Andre Drummond is getting traded publicly and we’re looking to trade him publicly, and he is to stay professional? And just deal with it? And then when Kyrie Irving say my mental health is off, everybody goes crazy about that. So do you not think that affects someone mentally?”

Should the NBA be more considerate of their players?

Honestly, Green made an excellent point in the press conference. While the players are expected to behave in utmost professional behavior, the franchises should also be held to the same standard.

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Everything considered, the NBA should look into this matter pointed out by Draymond Green and take action. But what are your thoughts on this? Do let us know your views in the comments section down below.

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