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Vinales will try out a holeshot device during the first MotoGP 2020 test


Maverick Vinales will try out a holeshot device version during the first MotoGP 2020 test at the Sepang International Circuit in February. This is an attempt to learn more about M1 after Top Gun had a bad start last season.

Since being on the Yamaha team, one of Vinales’s weaknesses is that he was very good during qualifying by being in the front row. However, that achievement contradicted during the race.

Vinales seemed difficult to devour the first lap, so the use of Yamaha holeshot is expected to improve the starting position. This feature is used to help the driver when starting and easier to occupy the front position because of the maximum traction produced.

‘Usually, our bikes are very good in qualification. Always in the front row or ideal position. In the race, we have difficulty in the first lap, so we have to increase the start,’ explained Vinales quoted from Bikesport News, Sunday (5/1).

‘We are fast on many tracks. I think our chassis is fantastic. Our maximum speed is not the best, but we can manage it. In my opinion, the most important is the beginning. The beginning was very important because all Yamaha lost a lot at first. In Malaysia, we will try something new for a start,’ concluded Vinales.


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