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Video: Tyson Fury training with Darren Till

Video: Tyson Fury training with Darren Till

Tyson Fury with Darren Till


Within the career of Tyson Fury, there are several great achievements worldwide in terms of professional boxing, but when generating controversy, “The Gipsy King” is not far behind.

A few weeks ago, the former unified champion debuted in WWE at the Crown Jewel event held by the wrestling company. During the same date, Fury confirmed at the same time to be interested in making the transition to the MMA; also saying that he had been in talks with Conor McGregor, who could eventually be his coach.



Today, on his Instagram account, Darren Till showed videos of an MMA training session with Tyson Fury. Fight, fence work, shadow and blows in the Thai pads are some works held by “The Gorilla” with “The Gipsy King”.


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