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Victor Oladipo shows least interest to be a part of the Indiana Pacers

Victor Oladipo is a floor general, we all know that. He is currently the leading scorer for the Indiana Pacers, scoring 17.3 ppg. Victor played only a few games with the Pacers this season because of his knee injury, but he is now fully recovered. He was the top overall #2 draft pick when he was drafted to the Pacers. But we all know that Victor Oladipo is looking for a trade due to some events occurring around him.

It’s been astonishing news for the Pacers fan after it went viral that Oladipo reportedly told other teams, In front of his pacers teammates that he wants to join them saying “can I come and play with you all”. And this is not the first time. He reportedly told this to the Miami Heat, Raptors, and the Knicks as well.

How it all started?

The whole controversy started when he was talking to some players of the Miami Heat in the bubbles and they were having a long conversation. And it’s known that there is bad blood between these teams as they consider each other tough rivals. But the only player who sticks around and conversates with the entire Miami Heat team was none other than Victor Oladipo. He continued to do this with other foes even though his teammates didn’t like it that much. Pacer’s insider J Michael gave more context to the story about how VO was unhappy with the Pacer’s offensive coaching system and giving more reasons to justify for the franchise to keep or trade Victor Oladipo.

The 28 years old All-Star would be a free agent next season and he could be a potential trade for Russell Westbrook as well since the former MVP demanded a trade out of Houston. But Westbrook will give his all, that we know for sure.


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