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Valtteri Bottas Reveals Latest f1 Helmet for 2021 Designed by Girlfriend

Valtteri Bottas arrives at Bahrain

Valtteri Bottas was seen with a new helmet, embraced in Finnish flag hue during the winter testing. It was his girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell who helped the Flying Finn design the new lid for his 2021 season. Mercedes posted a video of Bottas on social media. Unfolding the layers of interests and intuition that went into the designing of the helmet, he expressed his goals for the season.

Saying in a video post on social media, Bottas proudly bragged about his girlfriends designing interests.
“She’s already designed more helmets for me, but this is the latest. I like the colour blue, so here’s a lot of it.” blue-eyed Bottas said.

A howling wolf at the back of the helmet is something that catches the attention rather than his VB77 logo or sponsors logo.

“Siberian wolf. That is the spirit of this year. I am a lone wolf. If you google and read about the wolf, you will understand. ”

Valtteri Bottas, A lone wolf with a challenging year ahead.

After signing with the Silver Arrows in 2017, the blue-eyed Mercedes driver will be racing with Germans for fifth season. Though it’s hard to win a championship title with Lewis Hamilton being around, Bottas always seems to be devoted with his training and preparing an attacking mindset.

During the launch of the W12, Valtteri spoke about his engaging winter break:

“I think the main thing of the winter and of the break, with the processing and learning of things, has been the self-honesty. So trying to really look into the details that how I can be better and that’s ultimately the goal when I’m on the grid in Bahrainin to know that I’ve done everything I can to be at my physical and my mental best. The overall target is then to get to the end of the year in Abu Dhabi and look back and say -I did everything! I gave it all”

The opening race in Bahrain is now just 10 days away and Bottas is looking forward to it
“All in all, I’m quite happy. Now, It’s just two weeks to translate the data collected in the tests into performance”

Will he be able to convert his good starts into confident finishes and carry on doing so throughout the season. Or his teammate will again be causing hindrance to his title hopes. This season is going to be critical for him. As all the critics are waiting to tar him with the brush of incompetency.


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