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Valentino Rossi will be replaced by Fabio Quartararo in MotoGP 2021



Valentino Rossi will certainly not strengthen Yamaha again in MotoGP 2021. Rossi’s best friend, Uccio Salucci, explains the reasons behind the agreement.

The owner of the nine world championship titles will mark his last season with Yamaha at the end of this season. Rossi was displaced by the young driver, Fabio Quartararo, who will next fight with Maverick Vinales.

Before his fate in the ‘Tuning Fork’ was determined, Rossi did assert several times that the continuation of his future would depend on the results in 2020. Uccio revealed that Yamaha could not wait for Rossi’s future answer, which would be announced in the middle of the season.

‘No, he is not feeling bad,” Uccio was quoted as saying by the GPOne.’ 



‘With Yamaha, we’ve had a chance to talk about it for days and we’ve had a lot of meetings, also with (Yamaha boss) Lin Jarvis.’

‘There is a good relationship and transparency between the two parties in decisions that are pleasant and decisions that are not very pleasant, like this one.’

‘We reached this agreement together because Yamaha cannot wait until Mugello for Valentino makes a move on the drivers’ market. So we do not want to persuade them either because it will not be fair to young riders and therefore will not look good,’ Uccio explains.



If not retired, Rossi is predicted to be ‘down level’ by racing at the Yamaha SRT Petronas. Uccio indicated that his friend would be willing to accept the offer.

‘Yes, there was this captive and we said ‘why not ?!’, but now everything is developing around Valentino, who wants to see how he goes and if it goes smoothly, it won’t be bad to race with Petronas,’ said Uccio, who also served as director of Rossi’s racing academy.


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