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UFC: The Rock “Responds” to Nate Diaz

UFC: The Rock "Responds" to Nate Diaz


Nate Díaz sent The Rock to shit*, stating that he saw him smiling with Jorge Masvidal

The Hollywood star has not responded or will respond directly to the fighter, but has done so indirectly, making these publications.

First, on Twitter:



“What do you know about the boys in Miami?”

Then on Instagram:

UFC: The Rock "Responds" to Nate Diaz


“My brother Jorge Masvidal looked good in the octagon. He has evolved his skills. Strange atmosphere. Promise fulfilled. The worst son of p * ta on the planet! ”

The two have a good relationship and do not hesitate to hide it. Why were they going to do it? Or should the Rock have been more impartial before the fight?


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