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Brendan Schaub: Jon Jones Will Be the Goat Without ‘Zero Argument’ if He Beats Heavyweight Champ Francis Ngannou

Jon Jones stands in his corner prior to his light heavyweight bout against Alexander Gustafsson of Sweden

Jon Jones could potentially become the ‘best of all time’ if he beats newly crowned Heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou. In the latest episode of MMA Talk, Brendan Schaub talks briefly about Jones.

Jones has been pining for a shot at Francis Ngannou and his title for a while now. After vacating his own light heavyweight title, Jones had made the move to 205 pounds in search of heavyweight gold.

However, things have not exactly panned out as he would have hoped. Jon feels that he was promised a shot at either Stipe Miocic or Francis Ngannou following their encounter in UFC 260. As things turned out, Ngannou beat Miocic and claimed the Heavyweight title.

Since then, Jones has been vocal about his demands: A fight with the champ and a huge contract for it. He claims that he is deserving of the fight as he is one of the all-time greats of the sport. Unfortunately, the UFC is not of the same opinion and has refuted Jones’ demands.

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub is of the opinion that Jones will eventually get his fight. In a fight that he claims is the best-case scenario, Brendan thinks that if Jones beats Ngannou, “There’s zero argument that he’s the greatest of all time.”

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Can Jon Jones become the GOAT?

Jones is currently No.1 in the Men’s Pound for Pound rankings. A fight against the World Heavyweight Champion would certainly make for one of the biggest showdowns. However, the UFC is of the opinion that Jones is not yet deserving of a title shot.

UFC President Dana White has openly touted a rematch between Derrick Lewis and Ngannou instead. Whilst it does make sense for Ngannou to revisit his one notable loss, it certainly will not be bigger than the fight against Jones. Surprisingly, the UFC is not recognising that.

Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones at UFC 214

Daniel Cormier punches Jon Jones in their UFC light heavyweight championship bout during UFC 214. (Credits: Getty Images)

With Ngannou declaring that he will be fighting after June, there is still an outside possibility for a fight with Jones. Ngannou has already said that he’ll happily fight Jon or Lewis. However, the final call rests with the UFC.

The matchup is a ‘no brainer according to fans and experts. If it happens, the fight will surely be in the top 5 UFC PPV of all time. Even though there are no confirmations right now, fans and Jones will be hoping for positive news, come June.

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