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‘The fight is off’ Conor McGregor hints to cancel Dustin Poirier Trilogy fight following feud over donation

Conor McGregor prepares for his fight against Donald Cerrone.

Former UFC champ Conor McGregor appears to be canceled Dustin Poirier trilogy on July 10 at UFC 264. However, he wished to fight someone else instead of the Diamond.

The Notorious and the Poirier has been having a war of words on Twitter over a donation to the Poirier foundation. It all started when the Notorious refused to make the donation to Poirier foundation. 

With that note Poirier pinched on twitter and wrote, “@TheNotoriousMMA you also predicted a donation to my foundation and you and your team stopped responding after the fight in January. See you soon.”

However, McGregor previously agreed to make a donation to the Poirier, but he is yet to send it over. But it seems McGregor is not going to send the donation; he said, “A donation, not a debt. We’ve been awaiting the plans for the money that never came.”

Apparently, the notorious wanted to send the donation after he wins the trilogy. 

But, the Diamond replied back to McGregor’s reaction and threaten him to defeat him. “100% never a debt. You offered, we accepted, and like I said your Team never responded to our emails regarding the process of where funds would be put to work! July 10 you will taste defeat yet Again,” Poirier tweeted.

Conor became furious after this tweet, and he threatens to cancel the trilogy. “The fight is off btw. I’m going to fight someone else on the 10th. Good luck on your old contract kid,” McGregor replied.  

Khabib Nurmagomedov donated to Dustin Poirier fund

Khabib Nurmagomedov also donated a huge amount of money to Dustin Poirier by auctioning the t-shirt that they exchanged after their matchup in Dubai at UFC 242.
Seeing the donation post where Dustin Poirier took a jab at Connor regarding donation, Khabib also took part to get on Connor’s nerves by posting a hilarious Russian video comment.

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