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Logan Paul Thinks Ben Askren Is a ‘Great Personality’ but Bets on Brother Jake Paul to KO Ben in 3 Rounds

Ben Askren waits for his fight to start with Demian Maia.

The former MMA champion, Ben Askren is ready to battle the YouTuber-turned-Professional Boxer- Jake Paul in a Boxing match on April 17. Despite Askren being a first-class combat sports competitor who has more experience than Paul. Still, a significant part of the interest in this peculiar matchup is because of Funky’s problematic striking.

Ben Askren is an overwhelming grappler who was thoroughly criticized for his insufficient striking capacities, particularly towards the end of his career. Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul took to social media to show support for his little brother.

He said, “I get it guys I like Ben, we like him he’s a good guy. He’s funny and entertaining and has a great personality. But if you think for one second this out of shape guy is going to beat my brother then you all are out of your minds.”

Logan further said that he is not allowed to bet in the fight. But if given a chance, he would go for Jake Paul wins by K.O in the first three rounds.

Ben Askren (R) shoves Jake Paul as they face off during a news conference for Triller Fight Club's inaugural 2021 boxing event

Ben Askren (R) shoves Jake Paul as they face off during a news conference for Triller Fight Club’s inaugural 2021 boxing event. (Credits: Getty Images)

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Ben Askren VS Jake Paul is heating up the world of combat sports

Ben Askren took to his official social media account and responded to a tweet against his upcoming match. He conveyed, “We’re trying to have some fucking fun over here. Get out of here with the holier that though shit. Beat it loser.”

Most battle supporters and specialists have communicated on varied perspectives concerning Ben versus Jake. On one hand, some have unequivocally criticized the matchup. They stated that the fight is an insult to boxing and battle sports in general.

Then again, advocates of this battle contend that the matchup bodes well because of its entertainment value. Though there are people who don’t support this fight card, still everyone’s eyes will be hovering on the screen today.


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