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Kamaru Usman unveils How “Marty Usman” Turned into the Undisputed World Champion in the UFC

Dana White calls the people as casual viewers and not fans who have no respect for Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman is all set for his fourth title defense at UFC 261. The welterweight champion recently spoke about his past and his humble beginnings as “Marty Usman”.

Previously, fighters like Colby, Ben Askren, and Masvidal made fun of Kamaru’s wrestling name, Marty. However, in the Weigh-In show for UFC 261, Kamaru finally opened up about the truth behind ‘Marty’.

“I just want to fit in, I wanna be here,” he remembers telling himself. He reveals how his wrestling coaches felt unable to say his real name, Kamarudeen Usman. As a result, Usman accepted the name Marty as he made his start in the world of wrestling.

He explained, how Ben Askren, who also came through from wrestling, got to know about an up-and-coming Usman. “He had his accolades and was already gone, but he still heard about this kid, this Marty from Nebraska.”

However, Kamaru has come a long way since then. He worked his way to the top and eventually became an MMA fighter. “Now, in the MMA world, it’s time for me to be known by my actual name,” he says.

Kamaru reiterates how he’s not part of the wrestling world anymore. Instead, he is standing proud as the undisputed welterweight champion of the world, Kamarudeen Usman, the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’.

The Rise of Kamaru Usman

UFC Legend, Rashad Evans brought up the topic of how the welterweight champ has evolved from Marty to Kamarudeen. He emphasized Kamaru’s journey, and all the hardships, he has overcome. Subsequently, Kamaru feels great pride and honor at the recognition of his struggles by the best in the game.

Kamaru Usman throws a jab at Masvidal at UFC 251.

Kamaru Usman of Nigeria elbows Jorge Masvidal in their UFC welterweight championship fight during the UFC 251. (Credits: Getty Images)

“Marty was the wrestler, Kamaru is the champ.” Usman reiterates how he has finally become the best version of himself. After claiming the welterweight title, he has not slowed down. Since then, he has beaten the likes of Covington, Masvidal, and Burns.

Moreover, Usman will once again take on Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261. He will take to the Octagon on the 24th of April and once again proudly bear the name ‘ Kamaru’ as he makes his fourth title defense.

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