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Beneil Dariush Discusses Importance of Sparring Partners at Training

Beneil Dariush talks aout the importance of sparring partners.

Beneil Dariush was left bewildered after listening to Holloway’s piece of advice and forced to rethink his own commitment to the sparring session. Max Holloway advised to ditch the sparring. ‘Blessed’ threw this advice with the revelation that he had not sparred till his fight against Kattar.

Post-Beneil Dariush’s recent victory against Diego Ferreira and the role sparring sessions played in the outcome, the fighter need not think over it again. Benny has culminated the fact that sparring is not only essential, but a lack of sparring may cause a failure like the lightweight Tony Ferguson is experiencing. In an interview with ESPN, the fighter explained, ‘Iron sharpens Iron’, ‘Blessed’ talked about the importance of Sparring partners in The training Camp.

Beneil Dariush on Tony Ferguson’s downfall

“I don’t know what Tony’s camp is like. I keep hearing rumors, ‘Oh, he doesn’t have the same people. He doesn’t have sparring partners. He doesn’t have this.’ I don’t know. I can tell you this, though: If I didn’t have my team and I didn’t have my sparring partners, I would look horrible,” Dariush said in an ESPN interview. “I don’t know if I could even make it through a round in a fight: timing, conditioning, just the mental game. You get all of that from (sparring).

Beneil Dariush talked about the importance of sparring partners.

In an interview with ESPN, Beneil Dariush talked about the importance of Sparring partners in The training Camp.

“It’s weird. Max Holloway’s just a strange guy if he doesn’t really spar. I hope he’s just joking about that. But everything you need you get out of hard sparring, at least from me. All the things I need in a fight I get out of hard sparring: the timing, the movement, everything. –Beneil Dariush added.

Even though being known for the eccentric training habits, Benny considers it to be useless until these sessions contain a sufficient dose of sparring. Both the fighters, the 37-year-old Tony Ferguson and the 31-year-old Beneil Dariush go face-to-face against each other this year on May 15 at UFC 262. This bout could easily determine either sparring is essential or just hyped.

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