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“He’s a Youtuber and I’m a Fighter”- Markus mocks on Jake Paul to make a mess out of his fight up against Askren

Markus Perez detailed the sparring session he had with Jake Paul.

The Brazilian mixed martial artist, Markus Perez detailed the sparring session he had with Jake Paul. The Former UFC welterweight Ben Askren will go face-to-face against YouTube sensation, Jake Paul.

Markus Perez following his loss against Dalcha Lungiambula, asked the UFC matchmakers to let him go back down to the minor leagues to work on his game. Post his 2-5 record in UFC, the matchmakers released Maluko from the roster. The 30-year-old Brazilian took it to Instagram after a recent sparring session with Paul in Florida.

Heating the environment

Post his sparring session with the 2-0 record holder in Florida, he took it to Instagram. The Brazilian uploaded a picture with Jake Paul and left a message for Ben Askren.

In a conversation with AG Fight, Perez talked about Paul vs. Askren. Jake Paul is new and has not met any tough guy yet, Paul is starting and you can not see much. He has his upcoming fight against Askren, who is a grappler and not even a striker.

Markus Perez detailed the sparring session he had with Jake Paul.

The Former UFC fighter, further detailed about the session revealing that Jake wants to make a game of scoring. Moreover, in between the sparring session, when Paul’s coaches asked Perez not to speed up, Perez was not wearing a helmet, the 24-year-old boxer was wearing a ten-ounce glove and Perez was wearing a 16, and then he took the wave. Afterwards, he admitted that he was the one who provoked Paul.

I laughed, took the wave, played. He got mad at me and came to take my head off. I looked to the side because I was punching a lot. His corners got mad at me. If you put two provocateurs, we see who the leader is. He’s a YouTuber and I’m a fighter. He’s coming now.” -Maluko added.

Though the Former UFC fighter mentioned that Paul has met no one tough yet, Ben may be the tough one for Paul. Askren has never been a “weak” opponent. Furthermore, Askren has held an impressive record of 19-2. Paul holds a record of 2-0 as a professional boxer. Undoubtedly, the Brazilian has created more heat for the fight. The fight will take place on April 17 and will be live under the Triller Fight Club banner.

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