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Ariel Helwani claims Leon Edwards “certainly deserves a big name”

Leon Edwards show support to Meghan

Leon Edwards will fight Nate Diaz at UFC 262 in a co-main event bout. Rocky can make it a nine winning streak if he wins the five-round battle.

Previously Edwards fought Belal Muhammad two weeks ago. However, the bout turned out no contest as Edwards accidentally poked Belal’s eye in round two. Prior to that no-contest fight at UFC Vegas show, Edwards defeated eight straight opponents.

Now that he will fight Nate Diaz, it will be a great opportunity for him to show his power. ESPN’s analyst Ariel Helwani thinks Rocky should get attention from all due to his consistent performance. “The guy certainly deserves a big name it’s the next best thing other than fighting for the belt,” Helwani stated.

Further, the analyst admired Edwards as he took the challenge from Diaz. UFC offered Nate some other fight options which were not as strong as Leon Edwards. “They [UFC] didn’t go to Nathan Diaz with this fight Nathan went to them he said I want this guy” Helwani continued. 

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Why did Nate Diaz pick Leon Edwards?

Edwards is currently ranked as no 3 in the welterweight division, while Diaz is out of the octagon since November 2, 2019. The Stockton Slugger wants a massive comeback. Further, he went to the UFC to fight Edwards, while the UFC offered him other options too. “They’ve [UFC] offered him other names lesser opponents on losing streaks guys who aren’t ranked,” Helwani conveyed.

But Diaz was firm in the decision and picked the Rocky. According to Ariel Helwani, the 35-year-old heard that everyone is calling a phenomenal fighter, and that is why he picked the bout. The analyst said, “I want this guy who everyone is saying is this badass top three guy who’s on this winning streak I want this guy.”

This co-main event bout will be an excellent opportunity for both fighters as they are out of the octagon for a while now. Although Leon Edwards appeared in a fight briefly for just two rounds, he was looking for a big fish. And it appears he has found it. 

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