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‘All that Matters is your Safety’ Eddie Alvarez wishes Iuri Lapicus a speedy recovery post disqualification

Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor during the UFC 205.

Eddie Alvarez, the silent assassin, made his comeback in the ring after a much-awaited 20 months’ gap. However, things didn’t go as planned as Eddie got disqualified swiftly after the match started. According to the referee, Alvarez threw punches that were illegal as they hit the back of his head.

The match looked like it would have ended rather quickly as Eddie secured a takedown and started hammering Iuri. Lapicus in a desperate attempt to save himself from the vicious attack turned his head sidewards. But Alvarez didn’t stop and continued to pin Iuri down and win the fight.

UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez zteps on the scale.

UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez steps onto the scale during the UFC 205 weigh-in inside Madison Square Garden on November 11, 2016. (Credits – Getty Images)

After the match, Eddie Alvarez apologized for what he did and prayed for the recovery of Iuri. He said, “The referee’s here, whatever call he makes, that’s the call. I apologize. I hope Iuri is totally fine cause this game is so dangerous. All I care about is that everybody in here sincerely is safe and can go home to their family when they’re done. I’m praying for Iuri right now.”

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Future of Eddie Alvarez

Stepping inside the ring provides a high for professional fighters, and it’s the same for Eddie Alvarez. He isn’t getting any younger, and being out of the spotlight for so long hasn’t brought him any good. Eddie said, “I started this sports when I was 19 since then, it’s almost been two decades, and I’m learning new stuff every day. I’m a young 37 who has been named in the top 5 fighters list consistently.”

It’s an intense ending for Alvarez, who hoped to commence the first-ever ONE Championship card in the United States exquisitely. Yet despite all the hype and expectations, he’ll return home with a disqualification loss to Lapicus on his record. 


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