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Aljamain Sterling Injury Update: Aljamain Undergoes MRI Check with Fingers Crossed before Petr Yan Rematch

Aljamain Sterling is vivid after his bout with Pedro Munhoz.

Aljamain Sterling, UFC bantamweight champion, won against Peter Yan in a controversial fight at UFC 259. Peter was disqualified from the match for throwing a knee illegally, and subsequently, Sterling was the winner at 135-pound.

The attack that knocked him out was considered illegal as Sterling was technically in a grounded position at that time. Sterling suffered some major injuries and had to recover in a hospital rendering him unable to fight. At the post-match news conference, Dana White confirmed that a rematch will take place because of the bizarre nature of the result.

The fans were seemingly worried as Aljamain was in quite an agony following the altercation. The future seemed uncertain but when the rematch was on the card, Aljamain Sterling put his health above everything else.


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Aljamain Sterling VS Peter Yan, UFC 259 recap

At the time the battle was waved off, Yan was ahead on two of the adjudicators’ scorecards, 29-28. Aljamain Sterling held a 29-28 lead on the third scorecard. It showed that Yan was easily on his approach to winning his fourth match.

Still, Sterling never accepted defeat and believed he could win with sheer perseverance. Shortly after, the knee came in and changed the course of the match. This is the first time in the history of UFC that a belt changed because of disqualification.

Aljamain Sterling celebrates his amazing victory over Sandhagen.

Aljamain Sterling celebrates after his submission victory over Cory Sandhagen in their bantamweight bout during the UFC 250. (Credits- Getty Images)

Yan felt that Sterling intentionally exaggerated his injuries when he heard the referee saying Yan can be sent off because of his action.

Peter Yan felt he was innocent as he did not intentionally hit Aljamain when he was down on his knees. He said, “I was punished already for what I did, I already lost the belt, and I lost pay-per-view points, but everything happened because the referee told the commission that it was intentional, but I didn’t throw it intentionally.”

The rematch is finally on the horizon where we can finally settle the debate of who’s better between Aljamain and Peter Yan. As the fight comes closer and closer, fans around the world have their fingers crossed as Sterling’s MRI scan results are yet to come.


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