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UFC: Mike Tyson Reveals Strange Reasons If Asked to Fight at the UFC

UFC: Mike Tyson Reveals Strange Reasons If Asked to Fight at the UFC

Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson


Former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has revealed a strange reason why he felt he would never be able to switch to the world of MMA.

Although the greatness of the boxer will no doubt make it a force that must be taken into account in the cage. But there is one aspect of his character that he claims means he will never have good luck as an MMA fighter – and rather surprisingly, it is not a lack of training in other components of mixed martial arts.

Instead, Tyson believes his dislike of his feet will prevent him from succeeding in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do at UFC, because I watched UFC several times, and I watched these people step on people’s feet,” Tyson said in an interview with GQ Sports.

“And I have the worst foot in the world, and if someone steps on my foot, I will really give up,” he said.


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Tyson befriended UFC chief Dana White, and there was talk recently that he could help former UFC heavyweight champion Rashad Evans by returning to MMA, mainly through the adoption of the ‘peek a boo’ style famous for Tyson.

In an extensive interview on the show with GQ Sports, Tyson, 53, answered other questions from fans on various internet platforms.

The former undisputed heavyweight champion said that he had bitten Evander Holyfield’s ear in 1997 who was famous for being frustrated at his opponent banging his head. He said he was sorry. “Really sorry,” he said.

When asked if Mike Tyson would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a street fight, Tyson said he would “kick Floyd’s ass … there won’t even be a match,” he said.

“If I’m the size in the ring, he will beat me,” he said.


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