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UFC: Michael Bisping rebukes Nate Diaz for his excuses

UFC: Michael Bisping rebukes Nate Diaz for his excuses

Michael Bisping


Nate Diaz said many things after his recent defeat. Things that Michael Bisping didn’t like at all. Whoever was UFC Middleweight World Champion has recently talked about this issue, reprimanding “The Stockton Slugger” for his statements.

Michael Bisping rebukes Nate Diaz

“You go out there with a game plan. You will conserve your energy. But from the first moment, you see that your opponent is going towards you like a madman, who does not stop hitting you, throwing you to the floor. That he is humiliating you in front of everyone.

“You can not do that. You have to fight, that’s what we do because we are fighters. Once again quoting the great Mike Tyson: ‘Everyone has a game plan until you hit them in the face.’ If you continue with your plan after they almost knocked you out, you’re doing the idiot.


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