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UFC dismisses 12 fighters!

UFC dismisses 12 fighters!



UFC has thousands of fighters in its cast and each time signs new ones to add more talent to their ranks and for some to become stars in the future. For these reasons, UFC has to fire others who are not giving everything they expected.

UFC dismisses 12 fighters!

Nolan King has announced the dismissal of:

Curtis Millender

Manny Bermudez

Andre Soukhamthath

Henry Briones

Derrick Krantz

Thomas Gifford

Kyle Stewart

Danilo Belluardo

Nohelin Hernandez

Yoshinori Horie

Maia Stevenson

Azamat Murzakanov


The most surprising is that of Millender, a fighter who came to enter the top 15 rankings of welterweight. Although currently has a run of two defeats.



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