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Tyson Fury stirs up the WWE SmackDown battle in Las Vegas

Tyson Fury incited WWE battles in Las Vegas / SKy Sports

Tyson Fury made a fuss in the WWE SmackDown battle in Las Vegas, United States last night. The former heavyweight boxing world champion was forced to be secured by security after trying to enter the ring area after the match at WWE SmackDown.

The commotion began when Fury, who was present as a spectator, was provoked by WWE fighter, Braun Strowman. After dropping eight other fighters outside the ring, Strowman came to Fury’s seat.

Fury, who was present wearing a full white coat, initially welcomed Strowman. However, Strowman began to provoke Fury’s emotions. He then crashed into one of the fighters who made Fury fall into his seat.

After that, Strowman returned to fight in the ring to finish the fight. Well, this is where the commotion began. Fury, who was still upset with Strowman’s act, rose from his seat. He then got into an argument with Strowman.

He then jumped the limiting seat of the audience approaching the ring. However, Fury’s action was immediately prevented by dozens of security officers from attacking Strowman in the ring.

The situation got heated up when the audience shouted the sentence, “Let them fight.” Nearly two minutes of commotion occurred until the situation could be controlled by security.


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