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Tyson Fury is doubtful about Dueling vs Deontay Wilder on schedule

Tyson Fury is doubtful about Dueling vs Deontay Wilder on schedule

Tyson Fury is doubtful about Dueling vs Deontay Wilder on schedule


Tyson Fury underwent the process of healing a terrible wound on his right eyelid faster than expected. However, the recovery of the injury does not guarantee whether Fury can duel again with WBC Heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder on schedule on February 22, 2020. 

The injury was experienced by the former British heavyweight world champion when he defeated Otto Wallin in Las Vegas, United States, several last time. As a result, Fury got 47 stitches in his right eye which was torn by Wallin’s punch.

Coach Ben Davison could not guarantee the ideal time for Fury’s full recovery. “There are lots of people involved there,” Davison told Sky Sports. “I am not an expert in that field, so I cannot comment too much on that,” he said.

Davison remains optimistic that Fury will soon return to fighting in the near future after the recovery process. Asked if it was the most severe injury he had ever seen, Davison replied: “Yes, sure.”

“It’s clear that the bigger one looks worse, but what actually affects him most is the one in the eyelid. So, as I said, over time it will heal,” he explained.

He was quite surprised by the recovery of Fury’s injury that was faster than expected. “I always said Tyson was a very strange person, so he recovered quickly and quite well,” he said. “Clearly, Tyson is a fighter. As long as he is 100 percent healthy, he wants to fight. He was shown repeatedly, ” he continued.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn again questions the certainty of the Wilder-Fury II re-duel scenario. And, beforehand, the Wilder camp will wait for the winner of Anthony Joshua’s duel with Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia on 7 December.

“Honestly, I say to you, I think the whole world will see Joshua-Ruiz. I don’t think anything will happen until the battle (Joshua-Ruiz) happens, ” he said.

“If Ruiz defeats Joshua, they will find a way to bring the fight to life, an unnecessary battle, but obviously if Joshua wins, it erases everything and who can get rid of Joshua against Tyson Fury at Wembley next summer?”


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