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Tyson Fury Bargains for an “Even Fight” After Jake Paul’s Humiliation of Tommy Fury

Tyson Fury calls the fight between Tommy and Jake an even fight.

The professional boxer, better known as the YouTube star, Jake Paul, has now set his eyes on Tommy Fury. The latter is a half-brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

Post trading worlds on social media for the last few weeks, Jake Paul made an impactful statement. The bicker initially began after Tyson Fury called for a fight between his younger brother, Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. Later, Tyson believes it to be an even fight where both the fighters have about the same level of experience.

Paul disgracing Tyson Fury and brother

The British professional boxer, Tommy Fury, raised his record to 5-0. Paul, on the other hand, holds a 2-0 record. Also, he returns for his third battle on April 17th against MMA veteran Ben Askren.

The father/head trainer John Fury and the promoter Frank Warren, both are on board with making the fight between Tommy and Jake happen. On the matter of the future possibility of facing Tommy Fury for Jake Paul, Paul will not scratch it off.

On being asked about Tommy Fury, “It’s not very serious, he’s a little brother living in his big brother’s shadow, literally and figuratively,” Paul told IFL TV.

Tyson Fury calls the fight between Paul and Tommy and even

After Paul made an impactful statement, Tyson Fury said that he believes it to be an even fight and both the fighters have a similar experience.

“He’s smaller in every single way, and the kid wasn’t even man enough to call me out himself, he had to have his big brother do it.  Pretty embarrassing. But hey, who knows? Maybe the fight happens one day. It could be interesting.” 

Jake Paul taunted the 21-year-old British professional boxer, which has undoubtedly made some damage, as the big brother later called the fight between Tommy and Paul to be pretty even.

“Jake Paul can fight I’ll have you know. I think they have about the same level of experience. They have both had a few pro fights, Tommy had a limited amateur background, ten fights or something. I think it would be an even fight to be fair” -Tyson Fury.

Comparing Tyson Fury’s younger brother, Tommy Fury, and the opponent Jake Paul, Tyson believes it to be an even fight, where both the fighters know how to land in the pro fights, possessing a similar level of expertise.

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