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Triller Club Fines 49.99$ Per Person Who Pirated Streaming of Jake paul vs Ben Askren Fight

Jake Paul celebrates after defeating AnEsonGib in a first round knockout.

Triller Fight Club is willing to settle the case against any individual who illegally streamed the Jake Paul VS Ben Askren fight. To avoid any legal troubles, the social media company has opened a website for all such streamers.

Anyone involved in the confrontation of pay-per-view can pay the $49.99 price tag for the event. Triller Club promises to remove their names from the lawsuit which seeks a $150,000 penalty from every person who pirated the card.

Matt St. Claire, Head of Piracy for Triller talked to the media about their decision.

He said, “VPN firewalls all have to comply and turn over the actual IP addresses of each person who stole the fight in discovery. We will be able to identify each and every person. VPN or not, as each stream has a unique fingerprint embedded in the content. Triller will pursue the full $150,000 penalty per person per instance. For anyone who doesn’t do the right thing and pay before the deadline.”

Logan Paul poses with Jake Paul

Logan Paul poses with Jake Paul after defeating Ben Askren in their cruiserweight bout during Triller Fight Club. Jake Paul v Ben Askren at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on April 17, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Triller)

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Triller filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Central California on April 23. The lawsuit was against websites that re-streamed Jake Paul VS Ben Askren fight and profited from thousands of users each.

Matt St. Claire further said, “We encourage anyone who pirated the event to visit the site before June 1, pay their $49.99 and receive a full and complete release from Triller to avoid further action.”

The website started by Triller will stay open until June 1. It’ll allow anyone seeking to pay the $49.99 in order to remove themselves from the pending litigation.



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