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Tommy Fury Dares Jake to Give Him ‘a Call’ if He Is Serious About Their Battle

Tommy Fury called off the fight against Jake Paul

The trash talk between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has moved ahead. After Jake Paul taunted the 21-year-old British professional boxer, it has undoubtedly made some damage. Following that, Cruiserweight prospect Tommy Fury has called off the fight against the YouTube star Jake Paul.

The bicker initially began after Tyson Fury called for a fight between his younger brother Tommy Fury and Jake Paul. Since then, both have been trading worlds on social media for the last few weeks. Finally, the 21-year-old light heavyweight has called off the fight, saying ‘Give me a call’ when Jake Paul stops playing around singers and YouTubers.

 Tommy Fury making the impactful statement

The British professional boxer, Tommy Fury, raised his record to 5-0. Paul, on the other hand, holds a 2-0 record. Also, he returns for his third battle on April 17th against MMA veteran Ben Askren.

“If Tyson hadn’t have brought it up, I would never have spouted his name. He’s a YouTuber in America somewhere, I’ve got no interest. That chapter has closed now. I saw a Jake Paul interview where he said, ‘The fight might be interesting one day’. Tommy Fury to Sky Sports.

Tommy Fury has called off the possible fight against Jake Paul

Tommy Fury has called off the fight, saying ‘Give me a call’ and because of the fact that he does not consider Paul as a real boxer.

“If you want to fight, you want to fight. If you don’t, you don’t. I’d respect him more if he just said: ‘Tommy is too advanced, he’s been boxing all his life’. Just say that rather than say: ‘The fight might happen’.

Tommy Fury considers Jake Paul as a YouTuber and not a boxer. Tyson Fury’s brother teased Jake Paul when he said that he does not see him as anything. In that context, the 21-year-old British boxer expected some respect from the YouTuber.

“Let’s have it right; he won’t want to step in the ring with me. If I were him, I wouldn’t either. Leave him to it. He’s a man who doesn’t want to fight. He just wants to cause ruffles on social media to get his name out there. If Jake ever wants to fight, he knows where I am. 

Tommy believes to have the upper hand over Paul. According to him, all that the YouTuber wants is fame. The fighter also asks to make him a call after Jake Paul finishes to play around the singers, YouTubers, and UFC men, who are wrestlers and not fighters. ‘TNT’ has concluded the bicker by stopping Jake Paul, Tommy’s words appeared to be insulting towards Jake Paul.

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