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Tom Brady Honored with Game of the Year: Buccaneers won Super Bowl

Tom Brady

Tom Brady says he will not make any comparison between his seventh Super Bowl win and others after his success over the Kansas City Chiefs.

The 43-year-old made an amazing seven with a rampant performance for his new group following a heavenly 20-year spell at the New England Patriots. In addition, Tom Brady won six of nine appearances at the NFL’s masterpiece occasion.

He conveyed “I think they are all special. It has been an astonishing year. We got off to an amazing start, 7-2. Then we had a slightly irregular stretch where we found our identity and uniqueness.”

Additionally, he conveyed, “We knew we were an amazing football team and we got our job done, so you want to get this far, you have to do the job and we did it.”

Tom Brady in the post-season

Tom Brady and earlier Patriot Rob Gronkowski, who came out of retirement to play for Bucs, astonished in the post-season again as in the first half, the pair combined for two touchdowns which is amazing.

Moreover, the number 12 quarterback for winning the super Bowl from different groups threw the ball to Antonio Brown for another TD. This was not long before the half time as the Bucs took a 21-6 lead into the break.

Furthermore, he conveyed, “I am so proud of all the guys out here after everything we have been going through this year.”

We had a harsh month of November however BA (Bruce Arians, lead trainer) had all the trust in us, the group had a ton of assurance and we met up at the perfect time.”

I think we realized this planned to occur, isn’t that right? We concluded playing our most impressive performance of the year.”

Consequently, Kansas City neglected to begin on offense, with Patrick Mahomes just finishing 26 of 49 endeavors for 270 yards. An absence of control additionally assumed a part as the Chiefs surrendered 11 punishments for 120 yards in Florida.

Brady and Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s excellent performance in the Super Bowl

But recognition also has to go to Tampa’s cover. They deadened the outbreaks of Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints, Aaron Rodgers, and the Green Bay Packers in the post-season on their way to the Super Bowl.

Again, Tampa’s 11-5 record meant they had to use the tougher way. The Super Bowl as the New Orleans Saints took the NFC South with a superior 12-4 record.

Also, the Bucs scored their first post-season win since they won the Super Bowl in 2003. Brady passed for 381 yards to see off Washington 31-23. Triumphs over New Orleans (30-20) and Green Bay (31-26) followed.

Harrison Butker opened the scoring for the Chiefs with a field objective. They would proceed to make two more–however, it was to a great extent single direction traffic.

Leonard Fournette scored Tampa Bay’s fourth score as they kept on maneuvering away into the second from last quarter, the running back finding the end zone with a 27-yard surge.

Nevertheless, three road wins meant Tampa gained the chance to play for the league’s biggest prize. A chance to play from home with a crowd of 25,000.

Kansas head coach Andy Reid says he is very proud of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They have done an amazing job. Also, they played better than our team.




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