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To beat Hamilton “is the goal” every year, says depressed teammate Valtteri Bottas!

Valtteri Bottas prepares for a crucial season ahead amidst his rivalry with team mate Lewis Hamilton

With only a few weeks left to the start of the new F1 season, Valtteri Bottas has issued a challenge to his Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton. After working big time on his mental health during the winter break, Bottas gears up to take on Hamilton for the F1 championship. We must mention that  Bottas and Hamilton have been teammates at Mercedes for the past four seasons.

Still, it’s only Hamilton who has put his hands on the championship each time. Valtteri Bottas, on the other side, managed only two wins as compared to Lewis Hamilton’s eleven victories in the F1 2020 season.

As Mercedes prepare for the 2021 season,  Bottas needs to bring some big improvements to his past year’s performance. During one of his interviews, the Finnish driver stated that he has taken too much pressure at times in the previous seasons. Still, he has worked big time on his mental health during the winter break and all set to pose a challenge to Lewis Hamilton.

Some of my years in Formula 1, definitely I put too much pressure on myself; there have been times where I’ve taken too much pressure from the outside and there’s been also vice versa, that there has not been may be enough pressure from my side. It’s all about finding that balance and playing with that,” explained Bottas.

While being asked about his workout towards his mental health, Bottas quoted it as a private matter. “It’s my private matter and I also don’t want to share all the techniques, etcetera. But as I said before it’s something I have had more focus on over the winter and will focus on more over the season,” added Bottas.

Valtteri Bottas is up and ready for every opportunity to overcome Lewis Hamilton

Bottas understand that it won’t be easy for him to pass down Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 season. Still, he is up and ready for every possible opportunity in the same regard. Bottas said, “Absolutely I believe I can fight for the title and that’s of course my goal for the season. That’s my target, but it’s a long way until that and we need to take it really step by step.”

With the new F1 season set to commence in three weeks, Valtteri Bottas needs to bring out his best to challenge Lewis Hamilton for the Driver’s Championship.

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