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There Are New Regulations in 2021, Honda Withdraws from F1?

There Are New Regulations in 2021, Honda Withdraws from F1?


Honda is considering the continuation of its work in F1. They are said to decide before the end of this year’s race season.

We know honda to have just returned to this ground jet event in 2015 as a McLaren team manufacturer. Failing to win any of the constructor’s titles for three consecutive seasons, the collaboration between the two parties was finally over.

Honda then moved and supplied engines for the Scuderia Toro Rosso in 2018. A year later, it was the turn of Red Bull Racing to use Honda’s services. The result was good, where the Austrian team was certain to finish in the top three constructors’ standings.

Red Bull racer, Max Verstappen, even won twice this season, namely in the Austrian GP and German GP, ​​and seven times on the podium. This achievement makes Honda believed to make engines that can rival Mercedes and Ferrari in the coming years.

But now bad news emerged. The Japanese manufacturer is rumored to retreat from F1. The Head of the Red Bull Racer Development Program, Dr. Helmut Marko revealed this.

“Honda has still not decided (withdrawn or not from F1),” Marko said, quoted by Grand Prix.

Suspected, the new rules that will apply in the 2021 race season is one of Honda’s considerations. It is known, FIA and Formula 1 have just released several new rules on 31 October.

These changes include many things, from car design to budget restrictions to improve car performance. This is intended so that competition between teams becomes tighter. So far, none of the manufacturers have registered for the 2021 race season.

“The rules are clear, so you can already calculate how cheap the engine development costs will be. There will be restrictions on dyno time and also certain materials.”

“I think they will decide during the race in Abu Dhabi later,” Marko added.


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