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The Story of Dovizioso the MotoGP Runner Up Specialist

The Story of Dovizioso the MotoGP Runner Up Specialist

The Story of Dovizioso the MotoGP Runner Up Specialist


The runner-up specialist’s stamp seems to be increasingly attached to Andrea Dovizioso. Imagine, in the last two seasons the Ducati team racer was only able to complete the battle in the MotoGP event by being in second place or right behind Marc Marquez.

The tendency was seen again when Dovizioso appeared this season. The reason is, the chance to become a MotoGP world champion is getting slim considering he is 98 points behind Marquez in the standings.

Dovizioso expressed his resignation before the race at the Thai Grand Prix. He stressed his goal now is to end the 2019 MotoGP season to secure second place in three years in a row.

He said the chance to become a winner was very slim considering all the opponents had tried very hard to be the best in every series. Dovizioso seems to be aware of the weaknesses facing the Ducati team.

This relates to the competition map in the second half of MotoGP this season. One of them is what the Yamaha team did because they were able to make significant improvements to the braking and adjustment of the tire carefully.

“Our opponents work very hard,” Andrea Dovizioso said, quoted by Corse in Moto, Tuesday (10/10/2019).

It’s hard to make predictions at a championship where tires and asphalt turn into frustrating variables in the garage. “Yamaha riders are fast in Aragon in free practice sessions. But they have a few problems with racing. I think it’s because the braking is different and you have to race differently. I believe they have improved in some areas and not in regions “Sometimes they are better, for example in Misano. It’s always the story itself.”

Furthermore, Dovizioso explained the only strange thing was Marc Marquez’s appearance. He seems to be very consistent in every race and has no difficulty.

“The only strange thing is Marc, it is difficult to analyze because he is always ahead. In every race. He fights for victory, it is very difficult. That certainly makes a difference,” concluded Dovizioso.

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