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Cancer Survivor Carla Suarez Navarro Gives Credit to her Tennis ‘Professionalism’ for Speedy Recovery

Carla Suarez Navarro quotes her Tennis professionalism as a key factor for her recovery from Cancer over the past eight months

Former Tennis star Carla Suarez Navarro has finally come victorious in her battle with Hodgkin lymphoma, a type of Cancer. The Spaniard took to Twitter while sharing this good news with her global fans and followers.

“Another step forward. Today I finished my treatment and overcame Hodgkin lymphoma. Thanks to all for your warm messages. Every word of support gave me strength during the past few months,” she wrote.

“All my gratitude to healthcare professionals who take care of us every day. I’M CURED!” she concluded.


Hodgkin lymphoma comes as a type of cancer that largely hits the lymphatic system. Also called the Hodgkin’s disease, majorly impacts people between 20 and 40 years old and those over 55.

The former Spanish tennis star further said that her professional approach towards the treatment ( coming from her tennis playing days) has played a key role in her recovery process.

“The sport has been a fundamental part of my life – it has given me immense joy and I cannot be more grateful for all the experiences that it has allowed me to live. At this time, I notice that the time has come to complete a beautiful chapter and begin to enjoy other areas of life. Tennis will always be in me,” she said during an interview with one of the famous sporting daily.

“Tennis right now has a very high demand. To be high in the ranking you need absolute consistency, a world-class level of physical conditioning and a 24-hour daily psychological commitment. I have been in high competition for more than 15 years and have lived through these realities since the beginning of my adolescence. These are lessons that have formed me as a person and that will serve me for a lifetime.”

Navarro bid adieu to her Tennis career after getting diagnosed with Cancer in 2020

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Her revelation regarding this disease came right after her withdrawal from the U.S. Open 2020 “due to health reasons.”As Carla Suárez Navarro went on with her treatment procedure, she further announced her retirement by the end of the same year.

Her retirement from the sport may stop her from cherishing the same action and experience on the tennis courts. Yet, Navarro’s victory over cancer has proved her as a big inspiration for millions around.

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