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Andrea Gaudenzi shows “Package, Sell and Govern” as the Opportunity for securing compact Tennis Distribution

Andrea Gaudenzi in ATP tour finals

The former tennis player, Andrea Gaudenzi, came upfront to speak on the future of tennis when Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic are no longer on the tour. The ATP chief believes that tennis is strong enough to survive and rule over other sports even after the ‘Top Three’ retires.

According to the Italian, the ‘Best Three’ has been the finest players of all time and maybe, they will rule the sport even after their departure.

Further, they have gained uncountable records and set the targets for the upcoming players, which seems to be unattainable. For instance, only 11 of the last 68 Slams have been achieved by other players.
However, this does not mean that the emerging seeds won’t be able to make their mark. Gaudenzi has faith that new favorites will appear soon.

Andrea Gaudenzi gave positive remarks on the future of tennis

Andrea Gaudenzi in ATP Tour finals

In Gaudenzi’s opinion, the sport can compete and grow in today’s entertainment market. He seems confident enough about the competition tennis as a sport will face in this global entertainment market. However, he also feels certain changes are necessary to enhance the quality of sport to market it to the public.

He explains the reasons behind his optimism, and that is, tennis fits perfectly into the distribution of content. Secondly, it is global and gender-neutral and is the best sport in terms of equality for women.
Adding to it, he also pointed out that perhaps the sport is too long and can end up being boring. But that too can be changed to short-form and long-form highlights.

Andrea Gaudenzi pointed out some issues of tennis

As stated by him, the crucial issue lies in the process, starting from distribution, then packaging to selling and governing the product. He sees the opportunity to upgrade the quality of sport and the entertainment it provides. It must be distributed to the mass and not just to the elites.

It’s the way we distribute it,… package it,… sell it,… govern it, that’s where I see opportunity. That’s what we need to change,” said Andrea.

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