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“All the coaches that I had…they were always telling me I had potential to be a great player” Jennifer Brady talks about her career struggles

Jennifer Brady

Brady’s semifinal against Karolina Muchova was rightfully overshadowed by the one that came before it, between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. Subsequently, Brady-Muchova turned out to be the more dramatic match. In its final game, Brady had five match points and Muchova had three breakpoints.

It is one thing to believe you can play with the best on the practice court, but another to believe you can serve out a Grand Slam semifinal at 5-4 in the third set.

Jennifer Brady

Jennifer Brady shares her Career Struggles

The 25-year-old says it was not her shots that held her back when she was younger, it was her head. She also mentioned that she wasn’t mentally tough, and had a bad temper as a kid.

All the coaches that I had…they were always telling me I had potential to be a great player,” Brady said. “[But] I had a bit of a temper as a kid. Wasn’t really mentally the toughest. So I think that has kind of just shifted my whole career, just being able to stay in tough moments, close out tough matches, just fight my way back regardless of the score.”

While sharing her career struggles, she stated about the appreciation she received from her coaches. They always believed that Jennifer Brady had potential to be a great player.

Because [at] the start of the year I had some good wins, I was practicing with the top players,” Brady said.

Adding to that, she also realized that other players are not hitting the ball much higher than her. And they don’t do anything super spectacular compared to her.

Hence, “I can do the same”, Brady said.

“I was just so nervous,” she admitted. “I couldn’t feel my legs. My arms were shaking. I was just hoping she would miss and she didn’t, and she was playing more aggressive.” 

It has been a long road to Brady’s first Grand Slam final. She went through a hard quarantine period and was in Australia.

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