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Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette is criticized for poor field vision

Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette

In the last match against the Rams, Leonard Fournette was off-minded, or no one knew what he was thinking during the game. He reused to run towards his usual place on the football field.

Pro Football Focus analyst Zoltan Bunday posted a short video on his Twitter about Leonard Fournette’s issues, and it reminds of Trent Richardson, who was a first-round draft and didn’t keep the focus on the positions. After Fournette’s focus less play, everyone on Twitter is booing him comparing with Richardson.

Previously, in the same game, Fournette dropped at least three passes from Tom Brady, which slows down the Buccaneers and cost a 27-24 loss. 

How could Fournette make the difference?

The performance from Leonard Fournette was pretty poor in the game against Los Angeles Rams on last Monday Night Football. He could have run more yards if he followed his assigned blocks properly. Surprisingly, he did it more than once!

Why Leonard Fournette triggers the Trent Richardson Twitter trend?

Like Trent Richardson, Fournette is on the same career path as Richardson had a great start in his career with Cleveland and completed 11 rushing yards while he was a rookie. But Richardson could play only two games and then traded to Indianapolis. Unfortunately, he had a poor performance with Colts and couldn’t get on the team throughout that NFL regular season.

On the other hand, Fournette started with Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017 and had a great year playing with them. However, he moved out from Jaguars and started with Buccaneers this NFL season. But, Monday night’s performance may put his career on a threat but may have some chances in the next games.

So, I am looking forward for the next games. However, I am in doubt if he would includes in the team, still I will wish him a luck.



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